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Bobs Track Builder
Bob's Track Builder allows you to create tracks using simple mouse clicks to form the underlying track mesh ready to be imported into popular car racing games and raced on against your friends.

It takes just minutes to create a track instead of the hundreds of hours in other packages.

  • Spline based editing to create the layout.
  • Add 3d objects via a simple interface.
  • Export to games with the click of a button.
  • Complex ripple strips, tyre walls and trees can be added in seconds.

Check out the videos for examples of how easy it is, and for tutorials on how to get the most out of your track.
BTB Evo BTB Pro BTB Laser
SimBin games provide a wide variety of driving experiences. Drive vehicles from the 60's and 70's in GT Legends or try the more modern grand touring series.

Bobs Track Builder now has a product that makes it simple to create new original tracks for a range of SimBin games.


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BTB Pro represents many years of development and refining the interface to make something that can be easy to use for even the most inexperienced non-technical person.
Many features have been added at the request of user feedback to provide the ultimate in track editing experience.


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In addition to creating the BTB software, we also are working to laser scan race tracks using the very latest in technology. Combining the laser scanned point cloud data with a customized version of BTB allows a race track to be replicated in unprecedented detail.

More information

Our second public track, Oran Park is now available.

The first proof of concept track, Eastern Creek was released in June 2008 and was the first publicly available laser scanned track.

Laser scanning real tracks is useful for several purposes:
  • Racing teams can practise for hours getting their driver familiar with every centimetre of a track. Every object will be included and shadows that cross over braking marker points can be seen and anticipated during the real race.
  • Track owners can make use of the accurate data and make further changes in a virtual environment. Prior to making any commitment to alter a track's layout, new layouts can be tested for practicality and for racing competitiveness.
  • Publicise your local track. The online race-sim community is a growing market of motorsport fanatics that yearn for greater realism. This technology provides the best, most realistic experience available.