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Bobs Track Builder Pro supports the following games.

I plan to continue working on Bob's Track Builder Pro, expanding the features and making the existing ones even easier to use.

The once-only purchase will all you to use any future updates.

Here's a partial list of things that will be added for BTB Pro owners:
  • 3d window now renders the Add/Bump/Specular materials so what you see in BTB will be very close to what you get in game.
  • More advanced materials blending and editing.
  • Reload textures by pressing F5. This allows you to edit a background image in one application, save it, then load the changes into BTB without having to reload the entire project.
  • Global smoothing of track and terrain. This removes the sharp edges that form between the track and terrain, or between adjoining terrain areas.
  • XPack improvements.
  • Snap Node to Node improved; hold Shift to flip the direction.
  • Added SObject “Too big” warning. These are skipped when exporting to rFactor/Simbin games.
  • Material Animation now editable in BTB Materials window.

All of this is bound to take a while to program so incremental updates to owners is a must. I love creating BTB and am dedicated to making this the best product I can regardless of any commercial success or failure. I hope your support will allow me to spend more time developing BTB into the tool of your track making dreams!

Happy Building,
Brendon Pywell.