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Quick Overview
A quick tour of the main BTB features.

These Videos display the latest features that are part of the latest release.

Cameras - Add Cameras to your BTB project. YouTube

Navigation - Navigate around the 3d interface. YouTube

Walls - Add - Create new types of Walls. YouTube

Walls - Move Nodes - Move the Nodes, raise them off the ground or align the to the track. YouTube

Walls - Edit Shape - Edit the shape of the Walls to create interesting designs. YouTube

Walls - Edit Materials - Change the Materials to add variety of colour to your walls. YouTube

Walls - Capping - Cap the ends of the walls so they are no longer hollow. YouTube

Walls - Marks on Track - How to use Walls to make unique marks on the track. YouTube

XPacks - What are They? - Expanding your creativity with more Objects, Materials and Textures. YouTube

Objects - Adding - Add objects using the various tools. YouTube

Objects - Editing - Move, Resize, Rotate and Align objects. YouTube

Tracks - Merging - Seemlessly merge two tracks together. YouTube

Ripple Strips - Easily add lengthy, three dimensional ripple strips. YouTube

Older Features
Take a look at the following videos to see how easy it is to create a track.

Richard Burns Rally Pacenotes - Richard Burns Rally and Pacenotes.* YouTube

rFactor Timing Gates - rFactor and Timing Gates.* YouTube

Terrain is here!! - Tutorial video showing latest features of BTB and how they export to Richard Burns Rally and rFactor.* YouTube

GPS - Upload GPS data straight into BTB.* YouTube

So what's it do again? - This video shows off most of the features in Bob's Track Builder.* YouTube

*These videos are from an older version and hence have a slightly different interface.

These video will guide you through the various components of Bobs Track Builder.

First Track - How to create your first track and some information about the interface.* YouTube

Shape - Add bumps and dips in specific sections of the track.* YouTube

Materials - Change the materials on the track surface.* YouTube

Venue Materials - More in-depth discussion about the venue material properties and how you can add your own materials & textures.* YouTube

Cambers - Change the camber along the track.* YouTube

Widths - Easily change the width along the track.* YouTube

*These videos are from an older version and hence have a slightly different interface.

Here are a few innovative ways to use Bobs Track Builder.

Ripple Strips - How to create a ripple strip that follows your track without wasting vertices/polygons.* YouTube

Cambers on Edge - Oval tracks and camber tricks.* YouTube

Fly Over's - Fly over your whole Multi-track Venue without following one particular track.* YouTube

*These videos are from an older version and hence have a slightly different interface.